Meet Bret Daniels

I have lived nearly my entire life in Citrus Heights, graduated from high school here, raised my children here, and care passionately for what the city is and will be. 

My law enforcement background allows me to be intimately aware of what it takes to keep you and your family safe. That is my #1 priority.

My promise to you is to make Citrus Heights a safe place to live, work, and play and have you know that choosing Citrus Heights is the best decision you ever made to raise your family or run a business.  

Please learn more by visiting my Facebook page at Citrus Heights City Councilman Bret Daniels

Public Safety

Crime has dropped every year since I rejoined the council in 2016. My focus will continue to ensure we have the resources to continue that trend.

Quality of Life

Your enjoyment is critically important to me and I will continue to look for ways to make your decision to be in Citrus Heights the right decision.

Economic Vitality

Our city is thriving in so many ways but we must find the right use for the mall property. I am prepared to do what it takes to make that site once-again the thriving center of the city.

Please join me in Voting No on Measure M, the effort to raise our Sales Tax. Learn more at No on Measure M Citrus Heights

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